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WinGD Technical Night on 14th of September

SMA-WinGD Technical Night with sponsorship of DCS Singapore has been carried out in Singapore on 14th of September with great interest of several esteemed members of Maritime Industry at Singapore Polytechnic (Singapore Maritime Academy - SMA), in their premises, auditorium.

Dr Rudolf Holtbecker (Dir. of WinGD Operations) has had a detailed and very interesting presentation concerning current condition and future interests of fuels with several aspects. Dr. Holtbecker has further indicated in his speech the position and well future preparation of WinGD concerning future fuels, as one of major Licensor worldwide in 2-Stroke Engine Design.

Title of the event was ‘Maritime Energy & Sustainable Future’.

Welcome of the event is addressed by Capt. Frederick Francis (Head of SMA)

Dr Ivan Tam - Associate Professor, Marine Engineering Design & Technology, Newcastle University as well as

Dr Rudolf Holtbecker - Director, Operations – WinGD have been greatly contributed with their very interesting presentation/s especially subjects ‘Net Zero Carbon Shipping’ and ‘future fuels’. 

The interest for WinGD technical night 2022 in Singapore was huge with more than 180 participants.

 DCS Singapore much appreciates to Mr Roger Specker (MD- WinGD Singapore) for this great Organization together with Capt. Frederick Francis (Head of SMA) as well as Dr. Ivan Tam and Dr. Rudolf Holtbecker for their participation and indeed their very interesting presentation/s.